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LucyMy name is Lucy and I’m a self-confessed health nerd. I have a B.Sc with a major in biochemistry which helps me understand how the human body works at the molecular level, and what exactly happens with genetic and protein pathways when the body is ailing, and what’s going on when the body is a healthy, well-oiled machine. (Preferably oiled with Ottobratico. *wink*)

I’m a strong believer in self-healing, and have successfully overcome hereditary depressive and generalized anxiety disorders through application of proper nutrition, meditation, exercise, rest and healthy relationships. Good physical, mental and spiritual health is of utmost importance in my life, and teaching others about lesser known alternative methods of coping and overcoming challenges (such as music therapy and deep pressure therapy) has also become a passion of mine. It’s become a joy to see others discover that good health is a passion they just hadn’t realized before, and to watch these people thrive and enjoy life, becoming beautiful people inside and out.
I consider myself a permanent student (we’re all learning new things every day, after all) and am currently preparing to enroll in school once more for dietetics and nutrition later this year.
It’s my absolute honour to be a guest blogger for Sarafino. My wish is to help you learn more about yourselves, and give you a light heart in the process.
Health and Happiness,
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