I spent this New Years Eve at a good friends place for dinner. When I arrived she had just come home from the grocery store and was starting to prepare our dinner. I offered to help and so began the next hour of chopping, seasoning, boiling over pots of water, burnt sweet potato fries and laughter.

While I was stirring something on the stove my friend was busy following a recipe she had for Caesar salad dressing. I noticed she reached over for the unmentionable ‘olive oil’ she had purchased earlier that day at the local grocery store. Now, my husband and I try not to show up empty handed at someones house so we had brought a bottle of the Aspromontano olive oil as a thank you . I was quick to question “why aren’t you using the oil we brought you for the dressing?”

The response I got was one I am used to hearing, one that just doesn’t make sense to me.

‘I don’t want to waste the good stuff….’

“What exactly do you do with ‘the good stuff’ then?” I pondered.

I’ve seen it many times before – It sits out on a decorative shelf for all the guests to see, to comment about and for my friend to say ” Oh, you have to try this oil. It’s so good.”

Not only does real olive taste good but it has been linked to helping with so many health problems including cancer, diabetes, lowering your cholesterol, heart disease, bone health, dry skin, skin rashes or abrasions, your immune system and so many more.

Well, unbeknownst to her while it’s sitting out on your display shelf for all your friends to see it is going rancid and losing all of its ‘good’ health benefits!!¬†They say ‘old wine and new oil’ for a reason.

But then, I’m not really a “save the fancy things” type of person. You wouldn’t buy a brand new television and put it out for display purposes only while you continue to use the old one.

You were given it or bought it because you want you to try it, use it or experience it for yourself. Why own something that you are not going to use or are only going to bring out for the fancy celebration (by the way….what could be fancier then a New Years Eve dinner??). What better a person to use it on then YOURSELF or your close friends?

Every day is something to celebrate. So get out that fancy china, open that expensive bottle of wine and drizzle your most expensive bottle of oil on your salad tonight.



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