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august, 2017

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Liquid GOLD!

Over the past few weeks our producers from Italy and Spain have been winning quite a few prestigious awards! New York International Olive Oil [...]

Australian Olive Oil!

We are so happy to announce that we will be carrying an Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil! We couldn’t resist putting a kangaroo on the [...]

Food – Italy vs. Canada

The first difference that I noticed as an Italian leaving my country is the food. In Italy, at least 50% of the population, cultivates almost [...]

It’s BBQ Season!!

  The weather has been beautiful these past few days in Toronto which has made it ideal for making any excuse to get outside- “uh, I think [...]

Thoughts on the Food Cycle

As topics concerning various issues within our food system continue to make major headlines, the old saying “you are what you eat” comes to mind. [...]

Flu Scare

Flu season in North America is normally from fall to early spring and peaks in January/February. Statistics show that approximately 5% -20% of [...]


The New Year is a time for change, heck, life itself is change… when are you not changing something? You change your grocery list because [...]

New Year Revolution

Guess what’s the all-time most popular New Year’s Resolution? If you guessed anything having to do with resolving to eat better and get fit [...]

Way to go Doug!

It is really important to us at Sarafino to share our knowledge with our end consumer. We’re not just importers or distributers. We want to [...]

Potato or tomato?

Growing up with 3 sisters and a mother who taught family studies in high school, I was one of the lucky ones in my generation who learned how to [...]

Calabrian Culinary Tour

Well we did it! The first Calabrian Culinary Tour is complete and was a success.  A few bugs to work out but what trip doesn’t! After many [...]

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