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april, 2018

13aprallday15alldayToronto Yoga Show & Conference

We’d love for you to join us for one of our demos!

In The News

Liquid GOLD!

Over the past few weeks our producers from Italy and Spain have been winning quite a few prestigious awards! New York International Olive Oil [...]

Australian Olive Oil!

We are so happy to announce that we will be carrying an Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil! We couldn’t resist putting a kangaroo on the [...]

Food – Italy vs. Canada

The first difference that I noticed as an Italian leaving my country is the food. In Italy, at least 50% of the population, cultivates almost [...]

It’s BBQ Season!!

  The weather has been beautiful these past few days in Toronto which has made it ideal for making any excuse to get outside- “uh, I think [...]

Thoughts on the Food Cycle

As topics concerning various issues within our food system continue to make major headlines, the old saying “you are what you eat” comes to mind. [...]

Flu Scare

Flu season in North America is normally from fall to early spring and peaks in January/February. Statistics show that approximately 5% -20% of [...]


The New Year is a time for change, heck, life itself is change… when are you not changing something? You change your grocery list because [...]

New Year Revolution

Guess what’s the all-time most popular New Year’s Resolution? If you guessed anything having to do with resolving to eat better and get fit [...]

Way to go Doug!

It is really important to us at Sarafino to share our knowledge with our end consumer. We’re not just importers or distributers. We want to [...]

Potato or tomato?

Growing up with 3 sisters and a mother who taught family studies in high school, I was one of the lucky ones in my generation who learned how to [...]

Calabrian Culinary Tour

Well we did it! The first Calabrian Culinary Tour is complete and was a success.  A few bugs to work out but what trip doesn’t! After many [...]

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