As the month of February approaches we all start thinking about the loved ones in our lives. We dream up fancy romantic dinners, craft Valentines for those who mean the most to us and dress in the colour of love!

This year for Heart Month why not actually do something for your heart? (Your actual heart, not just the metaphorical one.)

Take your New Years resolutions to get healthy and do something with them…..take them to heart!


Olive Oil & Your Heart: The PerfectLove Affair


Date – Wednesday February 29th, 2012

Time – 6:30 pm

Location – The Living Room at Natures Emporium in Newmarket

Tickets – $12.00 each

Please contact if you are interested in attending.


You will hear from Angelo Tramonti, Certified Olive Oil Taster, of Sarafino about the importance of knowing where your olive oil comes from, how you can tell if what you are buying is really olive oil and the many health benefits (it’s not only good for your heart!)

You will hear from Ryan Dennis, CNP, Holistic Sports Nutritionist, of Natures Emporium about the the heart healthy benefits of real olive oil.

Angelo will guide you in a structured tasting of 4 oils. Learn how to pick out the differences between extra virgin, virgin, organic and the supermarket brand.

Taste items prepared by Natures Emporium’s raw chef and see how you can use olive oil in the kitchen in it’s purest form.

After a question and answer period, you will have the opportunity to visit with Ryan and Angelo as well as other Sarafino staff to see what other products we carry.

We will then send you on your way with a small bottle of the liquid gold to try out for yourself.

If you are interested or have any questions please contact





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