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I’m in the home stretch! Two weeks to go until the smallest Sarafino team member will be born and believe me the count down is on! From the very beginning of this pregnancy Andrea and I have tried our best to practice what we preached in our everyday pre-pregnancy lives – eat healthy, exercise, use products that we know the origins of etc. etc. I decided to give up caffeine completely, rub olive oil on my always growing tummy, continue with my exercise regime albeit at a slower pace for as long as I can and try to eat a healthy well balanced diet including a few ice cream treats J

I wanted to use this blog as a platform to share some of the other things that we have researched and decided are the best options for us and our baby. We have received quite a bit of ‘feedback’ from outside sources, unfortunately mostly negative about our choices. I get the feeling that most moms look at me like I’m crazy and that I have no idea about what is to come so I can’t possibly be sure about my decisions. I’m not saying that I don’t disagree with them as I have never experienced this before BUT I just wish that when it comes to opinions on pregnancy, labour and raising a child that people would be more open minded about others decisions.

A few examples for you.


At first quite a few people gave me resistance with this. I think that the main reason was that they just didn’t know what a midwife was and what training they have. I was asked all kinds of questions and was happy to explain how amazing our midwives are– Can they order tests? What if something is wrong with the baby? Do they deliver the baby? Do you have to have the baby in your house?

It was also brought to my attention that apparently Doctors and Midwives don’t get along. I had a long conversation with my midwife about this and she definitely dispelled this myth. Apparently the new maternity ward at Markham Stouffville Hospital will eventually be run completely by midwives and doctors will only be called in if there are complications. Our experience so far has been amazing. My appointments are 45 minutes in length and I get to ask all the questions I want! EVERY test is explained to me and I’m given the option whether I want to get it or not. Now I’m not saying that every doctor doesn’t extend this courtesy but the one I used for the first 3 months of this pregnancy certainly didn’t. No matter who you decide to use as your caregiver you need to make sure you are completely comfortable with them. After all you are putting your unborn baby’s care in their hands.

Cloth Diapers

Spending on DiapersHow many of you just scoffed? Well, my mom did and so did most of my friends when I told them this J The first thing that most people do is stare at me, roll their eyes and say why? Well, a few reasons. Not only is it better for the environment (even though you use water to wash them every other day it still doesn’t add up to the amount of water used to produce disposables), it’s better for your pocketbook (you save anywhere from $850 – $2000 for your first child and don’t forget you can reuse the cloth diapers for multiple children) and your baby’s bum. Would you rather have plastic or organic cotton/bamboo against your little touchy all day? Quite a debate about what a parent should do but ultimately it’s what works for your lifestyle. Read more about it here.

Yes, it might be a little extra work for me but it’s nothing I can’t handle. Plus the diapers are so adorable! We used a local company called Bambumbles and the owner Amberlea actually came to our house and went through everything with us for over 2 hours!

Organic, Canadian and Plastic Free!

When registering for my baby shower it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be to find Canadian made items that were both organic and plastic free. They may be a little more expensive but that actually ended up being a good thing! We received fewer gifts which in the end means less clutter for us and higher quality products. We were given an organic mattress and all the extras as well as a Canadian made crib. With our baby’s face touching this almost every night for a few years it was important to us that they were not breathing in any chemicals or at least fewer then if we went with another option. We’ve chosen to use glass bottles, rubber soothers, wooden toys and books and organic clothing (as much as we can at least). Every little bit helps!

A medication free labour!

‘Just get the epidural and everything will be fine!” is a comment I’ve heard one to many times. Although I’ve never experienced labour and I don’t mean to undermine anyone else’s experience in any way, I find it quite funny that all women who have gone through it feel the need to share their horror stories with me. I am actually quite excited to go through this process. I know that everyone has a different pain threshold and definitely every labour is a unique situation. I’m not saying that if the pain is overwhelming I won’t consider using nitrus oxide gas but an epidural just isn’t for me. My entire birth plan may go completely backwards and I’m prepared for that.


I’m hoping that by the little decisions that Andrea and I have made we can improve our baby’s life and maybe even influence other expecting parents into making small changes. We have many great friends and a wonderful family support system and I definitely plan to lean on them once this little bundle arrives. I may even convince my mom to change a poopy cloth diaper or two!



This blog was written by Heather Cotie. Read more about her here.

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