Growing up with 3 sisters and a mother who taught family studies in high school, I was one of the lucky ones in my generation who learned how to cook.  I took it for granted that I knew how to boil an egg, pre-heat the oven, wash, chop and season the vegetables and even set the table. At the time I would have rather been eating pizza or hungry man dinners but am I ever glad that my mom knew the importance of teaching us these life skills. I didn’t realize until it was time to move out on my own to University that many of my friends were not as experienced in the kitchen as I was.

Don’t get me wrong…I still ate fast food and made unhealthy choices but I was miles ahead of most of my generation when it came to knowing food. Over the past few years I have been continually absorbing as much information as I can. I was taught by my father to always question and do my own research and I do. Trying things on my own has proven to be my best resource.

Now that I am married to not only a food loving Italian but someone who truly cares about what he eats and where his food comes from I have grown and learned even more.

We started our own garden this past summer and reaped the benefits of our own tasty tomatoes, strawberries, parsley, basil, peppers and eggplant. It’s currently a mish mash of pots in our front yard but eventually it will have a permanent home in the ground. It’s self satisfying to be able to walk out the front door and get your ingredients….not to mention it costs pennies…..

Year after year on labour day weekend we spend hours helping my mother in law make homemade tomato sauce. Learning the process and all the hard (and I mean hard) work that goes into it really does make it taste that much better – not that it needs to taste any better than it does! Andrea and I with a few friends even tried making our own pickles and peppers this past fall. We will have to make twice as many on the next go as entire jars seem to disappear at a time.

When we first moved in together Andrea insisted that we were not having a microwave. I thought “WHAT? How am I going to survive? My life is over!” I was now going to have to heat everything up on the stove or in the oven… time consuming…..what was I going to do?  Almost two years has passed and I don’t even notice it anymore! It has actually helped me stay away from ‘microwave friendly’ foods like popcorn, TV dinners, Chimichongas and the list goes on.

I came across this today and wanted to share it with you.

I don’t have kids yet but I remember the times I spent with my mom in the kitchen and now spend with my husband. I took it for granted that I knew the difference between a potato and a tomato…it even seems silly to me that some people don’t know that!

Now I’m not saying that you should throw your microwave out on the curb next garbage collection day, or start making your own jam and pickles. Just try some new things in the kitchen. You may find a new passion. You may lose some weight. You may re-kindle a romance by cooking together. You may live longer by eating healthier meals made by you and grown by you!

“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.”

Adelle Davis
(1904 – 1974)



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